Independent Sales Rep Law

What We Do for Independent Sales Reps/Agencies

• We counsel them on how to avoid lawsuits.

• We negotiate contracts to protect their territorial rights, book of business, and termination compensation.

• We prepare and/or review representation agreements to best protect their interests.

• We sue on their behalf; and defend claims against them.

• We gain reinstatement (in certain instances) when they have been wrongfully terminated.

• We assist with sales, mergers and acquisitions of their agencies.

• We assist with a succession plan, and execution of that plan when they retire.


Litigation Services

We are sometimes best able to assist agents in avoiding lawsuits through counseling and assistance with negotiating, either behind the scenes or directly with the principal. Many times lawsuits can be avoided with knowledgeable, hard negotiating tactics. We are well armed, and have settled hundreds of cases without lawsuits; but agents need to be prudent and timely with their contract concerns to avoid potential litigation.

When negotiating alone cannot resolve a contract dispute, we are well prepared to file a lawsuit to protect your sales commissions, or defend counter claims by your principal. We assign anywhere between 1-3 attorneys as well as 1 paralegal to your case, depending on the costs, your budget, and the time required.


Litigation History

• 98% success rate in sales commission disputes since 1989.

• Success throughout the U.S., with judgments or settlements for sales reps in: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Oregon.

• Nationwide association through local counsel, and special counsel appearance rights.

• Scott M. Sanders has obtained settlements and judgments in representing independent sales reps, totaling over $30,000,000.



Associated with the Manufacturers Agents National Association (“MANA”) since 1990.

MANA is dedicated to furthering the interests of sales agents through education, networking, integrity and ethics.