Business Law & Contracts

The success or failure of any new or even ongoing business, is closely related to the company’s legal and tax planning. Sanders & Montalto, LLP has the experience necessary in all aspects of business and corporate law (including other types of entities) from start-up, through sales, mergers and acquisitions.


One of the areas Sanders & Montalto, LLP is able to offer valuable yet affordable legal services in is the area of corporate start up, stock issuance, and investment. The firm’s hands on experience and moderate billing practices in this often complex and costly area will enable most small and medium sized business to budget and accomplish their capital raising resolutions, while complying with the vast Securities laws on both the Federal and State level.


Sanders & Montalto, LLP has also been involved with representing Sales Reps in their contractual matters with their manufacturers; and Scott Sanders of the firm has been associated with MANA (the Manufacturer’s Agents National Association) since 1990. That was the year California enacted its Commission Protection Act, which affords sales reps treble damages in the denial of their commissions for sales within the State.


Many other States had already enacted such legislation and most others have now followed suit; albeit there are great and sometimes subtle yet important differences in the legislation of the various States. Consequently, an expert analysis is needed to analyze and proceed with the optimal way for an Agent to present his or her claim. The end results are, however, well worth the investment; and the firm has taken large settlements and judgments in this area totaling over $30,000,000.


Although our advanced counseling and affective negotiating skills greatly decrease the risk of our clients getting involved in a lawsuit, when lawsuits become unavoidable we litigate cases on their behalf in matters ranging from Corporate Law to General Business and Independent Sales Rep disputes using a team of up to three attorneys and one paralegal.